Norfolk Artist


I've been an artist all my life and studied fine art at university. Originally I started with detailed drawings, then photography and back to painting - specifically acrylics on canvas.


Since moving to Norfolk I've become enthralled with the majestic land and seascapes this part of the country offers.

When creating a painting my goal is to recreate the atmosphere of a scene rather than creating a direct copy. Whether you're a Norfolk native, or if you've only just fallen in love with it's fantastic landscapes, I have paintings that I believe capture the essence of Norfolk.


If you like my artwork, commissions are welcome. Please get in touch with me for more information.

The essence of Norfolk

My art has been inspired by the dramatic local sea and skyscapes, and want to share with as many people as possible how I see the colours of Norfolk.


I'm constantly expanding, refining and challenging myself when it comes to developing my own art style. My current style is contemporary impressionist acrylics on canvas and you can see examples of my work in my portfolio or shop.

Nature reflected inspiration

About Stuart Roy